Introducing the Weapons Class Instructor ...


Master Ron Franco

Master Ron Franco, a life-long student of the martial arts is one of Master Paul H. Borisoff's oldest students, beginning his study of San Soo at age 17 in the early 1980s.  A fine Kung-Fu San Soo practitioner, Master Ron is adept in the use of all Kung-Fu San Soo weaponry.  Additionally, Ron has training in classical Chinese and Filipino arts.

Master Ron has extensive teaching experience. He taught classes for many years at Mission College in Sylmar, CA., and owned and operated a very successful Kung Fu San Soo studio.



Master Ron Franco is a skilled and wonderful addition to our teaching staff.

Above (left to right) are Masters Josh Raha and Ron Franco, who ran
 a successful Kung Fu San Soo School in Sylmar, CA.  Both trained
and received their Masters at Kung-Fu San Soo, Reseda.

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